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anonymes.net is a group of experimental artists formed
in 1999. Since 2002 the group has consisted of three multimedia artists, Benoit Blein, Sylvain Barra and Laurent Padiou. Their principal area of experimentation is the internet where they have developed a visual and audio universe approaching "interactive film". The reflections of the group on interactivity gave birth to a project in which poetic writings outline "almost stories" which are revealed
within interactive videos.

anonymes.net’s latest project "Sharing the Uncertainty" is the fruit of six years of diverse experiments and is a concrete example of what could be called an "interactive film".



anonymes.net won the first prize of the 2005 Flash
Festival and the Bruno Mrozinski VIDEOFORMES
(Cleremont-ferrand) prize for new media for their most
recent creation (www.anonymes.net). This site was
also in several international competitions and
festivals, most notably the 9th Japan Media Arts
Festival in Tokyo and the Seoul Net Festival 2005.


  Sylvain Barra
  Benoit Blein
  Laurent Padiou